Fair & Pure - the name says it all!

In the ever denser jungle of dietary supplements it is difficult to find high-quality products that meet our own demands for purity, safety and security

Fair & Pure has set itself the task of bringing light into the masses of supplements and making your choice easier by using only raw materials that meet our strict quality standards.


No use of additives

At Fair & Pure, we rigorously avoid using undesirable anti-caking agentssuch as magnesium stearate (or magnesium salts of fatty acids) and silicon dioxide. When purchasing our raw materials, we make sure that they can be processed very well without anti-caking agents. Should the help of one of them be necessary, we use L-leucine. This is an amino acid that is also found naturally in daily diet.

Furthermore, we do not use any synthetic colouring agent, aromas or preservatives.

In the lists of ingredients, that you can view for each Fair & Pure product, we always declare all ingrdients, in order to provide you with the necessary and important transparency.


A choice for everyone

Almost all the food supplements in our extensive range are vegetarian or vegan.

Our capsules are made of 100% vegetable cellulose (HPMC). Furthermore we do not use gelatine capsules.

We also take care to use raw materials that are as free of soy, gluten and lactose as possible in order to make our products accessible to people who suffer from allergies or intolerances.

Fructose may be found in some of our supplements, as it is naturally present in fruit powders.

You will always find all the needed informations on the respective product page.


Quality and security

All Fair & Pure products are produced according to the internationally recognised hygiene and quality standards (HACCP).Furthermore, we comply with the GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice).

To ensure that we offer our customers a high quality and safe product, all raw materials used and the finished products are strictly tested by independent, certified laboratories.


Wide range of products

The Fair & Pure product range now comprises almost 200 products. From vitamin preparations, minerals and trace elements, vital mushrooms, amino acids and enzymes to high-quality plant extracts, there is something for everyone.

So whether you are looking for vitamins for hair, skin, immune system or minerals for your muscles and bones - you will definitely find what you are looking for at Fair & Pure!

We also offer food supplements for athletes, pregnant women, elderly people and other groups of people who have an increased need. And we do that in the usual high quality Fair & Pure way.


In case you are unexpectedly not satisfied with our products, benefit from our 24-month money-back guarantee (from the date of purchase), with which you can simply return the products to us. You can find more information on this under Right of withdrawal.

Fair & Pure - Quality, that convince!