Betaine + Pepsin

Product information "Betaine + Pepsin"
Betaine and pepsin are components of gastric juice. The betaine in this dietary supplement from Fair & Pure is present as betaine hydrochloride (HCl). Betaine HCl is an acidic form of betaine and a derivative of the nutrient choline.

Pepsin is an enzyme that participates in the digestion of protein. Proteins are broken down by pepsin into smaller units (amino acids) that the intestines can easily absorb.

Betaine & Pepsin from Fair & Pure is:

  • Highly dosed
  • In convenient tablet form
  • For 40 days
  • Well absorbable by the organism
  • High quality food supplement - guaranteed without magnesium stearate
  • Produced according to quality and hygiene standards HACCP
  • Gluten, lactose and fructose free
  • Produced in Germany (origin of raw materials EU and non-EU)
A varied and balanced diet is the cornerstone of health. In this context, digestion is a crucial process. It enables the supply of the organism with all important vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Note: As a manufacturer of dietary supplements, we are not allowed to give any information about the effect of vital substances due to legal requirements. Please inform yourself on e.g. specialist sites on the Internet or in natural science literature before ordering our products online.

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Concentration: 75mg, 1487mg, 1950mg
Dosage form: Tablets
Fields of application: Sport + enzymes, Stomach + intestine
Food Supplements: Enzymes
Properties: Glutenfrei, Lactose-free

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